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About Us

We are specialists dedicated to work for your health, well-being and beauty through the application of treatments, techniques and therapies of spiritual healing that will significantly help to recover the harmony of your body, mind and spirit.
In Botanica Moderna you can find different options for the care of your skin, with the application of modern and advanced techniques that will make you look simply spectacular.

But we also help you adjust the vibrations of your body, creating a spiritual balance for your physical, emotional and mental well-being. We have the perfect options for you and a team of specialists who will always be willing to give you the best personalized treatment that you deserve.
Meet Our Experts
Ana Paula Veiga Aesthetic And Holistic Therapist
Ana Paula was born in Brazil, in Rio Grande do Sul and came from a traditional family where her grandmother already had the gift of clairvoyance and spirituality. In Brazil she worked with her family in a Holistic Spa with her mother, who is an expert in Tarot and Chromotherapy and who devoted much of her time to teach Ana Paula her great knowledge. Ana Paula as an adult, developed the gift of interpreting the Tarot cards and then began studies on holistic therapies in Sao Paulo, where she graduated as a Therapist. To complement his knowledge, he took courses in: Color Therapy, Crystals and Chakras, Aromatherapy, Radiesthesia, Physical and Energetic Passes. In Miami he studied aesthetics, where he graduated successfully in the courses of Facial Specialist and Body Wrap.
Josefina Clairvoyant
Josefina was born in Mene Grande, province of Zulia, Venezuela. She lived with her uncles until she was 16 years old with whom she had the opportunity to travel throughout Latin America. From the age of 9, Josefina began to perceive the phenomenon of premonitory dreams which, at first, assumed as a simple coincidence the fact that after a few days these became reality, but with the passage of time she could see that the universe had given her the gift of clairvoyance.
Over time, part of her studies and training ends with the help of his aunt, in order to make good use of her gift. From that moment she begins to see people to help them interpret and channel their dreams. With practice she discovers that her abilities increased and it is when she decides to seek professional help to further understand her gift, reaching to attain magical perfection or action at a distance and become a spiritual medium. Since then, Josefina offers all her wisdom and her spiritual trajectory as a clairvoyant with total honesty to all her consultants, whom she considers her friends.
At Botania Moderna we are dedicated to provide the best service and guidance for your personal and spiritual care.
With our help you and hundreds of people in Miami, can count on different options that significantly
favor your aesthetic appearance and your spiritual well-being.